artists ages 4-9 parties

party projects for artists ages 4-9: Your guests will have a wonderful time painting a masterpiece on a canvas board that they will take home to enjoy! We invite hosts to come into our studio to choose from our large collection of paintings inspired by artists from around the world, as well as other themes. our teachers will guide each guest through the process of making a unique masterpiece inspired by the party’s featured artist or theme.

custom projects: we are happy to design party projects including art inspired by movies, your child’s favorite characters & more! a $50.00 project development fee is required in addition to our regular party prices.

food and beverage: our team will set everything up for your special event. in addition to everything for your participating guests to complete their masterpieces, we will have a table for you to set up any food & beverages you would like to serve, as well as a table for gifts. hosts are welcome to bring food, cake and beverages for their guests. our team will set up tables for your food, beverages and a gift table. we will reserve time for hosts to serve for food, cake and refreshments. if you would like to serve any alcoholic beverages to adult guests, our team will provide alcohol waivers for your guests to sign when they arrive.


parties may be scheduled on fridays, between 12:00pm and 6:00pm, and saturdays & sundays between 9:00am and 6:00pm.

$200.00 non refundable party planning fee plus $30.00 per artist attending the party.
additional fees: there is a $75 fee for parties that go 15 minutes over the scheduled party end time, and $100.00 fee for parties that go 3-hours.
most of our parties are organized in a “drop-off” fashion. for hosts who would like to entertain the parents of the children attending their party, there is an additional $50.00 fee for a 2-hour party, and $75.00 for a 3-hour party. we will provide an additional staff member, and set up tables and chairs for your guests.

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