programs for individuals with special needs

dear families and friends of children, tweens, teens & adults with special needs,

my name is jacqueline, and i founded artmix in 2005, for artists of all ages and abilities, including individuals with a variety of special needs. i earned a master of special education and a master of art education from the university of houston, and have been teaching since 1994.

i am very happy to plan private lessons in our studio and in our zoom studio with you on weekdays, tuesday – thursday this fall.  students will build their fine motor & creative skills as they draw, paint & sculpt to make masterpieces inspired by artists from around the world in their lessons. 

if you are interested in scheduling private lessons, please email me,

i look forward to welcoming you to artmix soon!

all the best,




$50.00 for a one-hour zoom studio private lesson.

$65.00 for a one-hour in-person session.

all of the supplies will be prepared for our in-studio lesson or for home delivery for zoom studio lessons for each student.

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