programs & services for individuals with special needs

Dear families and friends,

Welcome to artmix! I am delighted to connect with you about my passion for working with artists of all ages with special needs.  Regarding my education, after earning a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University in 1989, I earned a Master of Special Education and a Master of Art Education from the University of Houston.  I have been teaching art since 1994, and in 2005 I founded artmix studio for artists of all ages and abilities.

Since 2005, artmix has grown to have individuals with a variety of special needs enjoy a safe space to be guided through the process of using a collection of media to explore, design and create their own masterpieces. The artists build upon their imagination and develop their fine motor skills as they draw, paint, and sculpt inspired by cultures and artists from around the world. Today I offer lessons either in-person, in studio or at private home, or virtually.  

I also offer a variety of services as an Educational Consultant & Coach, from developing educational programs and curricula to art for healing and wellness. Some of the services successfully delivered to date include:

  • Healing and wellness programs for special needs non-profits and hospitals
  • Workshops to train teachers and program directors working with special needs students
  • Art curriculum for schools and home-schools
  • Event planning and execution
  • Educational coaching in classroom and home school settings

I believe art plays a vital role in our lives and enjoy exploring that role with our artists and through the organizations that support special needs. Feel free to contact me to schedule art lessons or a consultation.

phone or text: 713.552.9028 

email: [email protected]

All the best,  Jacqueline

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